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CODEA - RPS - Web ERP Software


Codea – RPS is a web based ERP solution that  provides a new generation of out-the-box applications that can be run on the internet and that can be easily customized to suit end-user requirements. As an ERP software vendor, Codea offers a variety of ERP solutions that help companies in a wide spectrum of subsectors automate, plan, collaborate, and execute according to their unique business requirements. Built on an open, flexible, service-oriented architecture (SOA) with modern, web-based user interfaces, our scalable ERP solutions never lock you in to one mode of operating. Instead, they offer a breadth of functionality that enables you to automate key manufacturing and financial processes, meet fluctuating customer demand and compliance requirements, and collaborate internally as well as externally across your supply chain-all at a low total cost of ownership. Lean manufacturing capabilities are built in to our ERP solutions to minimize waste and increase quality and productivity; strong aftermarket service capabilities expedite service management.

The value of the Web-based Applications

  • Built using ASP.Net
  • Fully utilizes the Software Developer Library to access data
  • Client only requires Explorer 6.0 or higher — no additional client overhead
  • Efficient access via the internet
  • Component framework reduces network traffic
  • Uses same Business Objects as Codea – RPS  ERP

Matching Codea Web-based Applications to your business

  • Out-of-the-box solution that runs on the web
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Access and setup controlled via the Business Objects
  • Display fields easily added or removed from view
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allow appearance customization

Current Web-based Applications

  • Applications include, Inventory Query, Order Entry, Customer Order Query, Customer Statements, Customer Information Change and Supplier Information Change
  • Please contact us for a full listing of currently available applications


  • A working copy of the Software Developer Library (SDL)
  • The Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • A configured copy of the Codea Web-based Applications
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

Codea – RPS ERP solutions help companies like yours:

  • Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency 
  • Gain better visibility of transactions across the enterprise 
  • Make better business decisions 
  • Deliver the right product at the right time 
  • Keep customer promises 
  • Adopt manufacturing best practices, including lean

Codea  ERP solutions meet the diverse needs of today's manufacturers with robust functionality for two broad categories of manufacturing:

Production environments characterized by individual, separate unit manufacture of highly complex products-Codea ERP software systems offer a high degree of flexibility for order-driven manufacturing where unit volumes are typically low and lead times variable. We extend the traditional ERP footprint with unrivaled support for a multitude of cross-business and manufacturing operations, integrated business process modeling, change and compliance management, and aftermarket service support.

Process manufacturing production environments where ingredients are blended to formulate a whole-Codea ERP solutions provide total control for high-volume, repetitive manufacturing environments like these. We offer industry-specific functionality, advanced workflow technology, and flexible business process support with strong lot traceability, validation, regulatory compliance, and customer service capabilities. Industry expertise acquired through long-term partnerships with leading global process manufacturers is embedded.