Codea Global Advisory

CODEA Global Advisory – Advise on all aspects of global outsourcing

The purpose with CODEA Global Advisory is to function as an active advisory associate for any company, who wishes to strengthen their value-chain by sourcing their technological competencies. The process begins by evaluating the strategic decision for outsourcing, followed by examining how a business can prepare itself internally for the implementation of the chosen solution. This is weighed up against the change management process which is taking place in the company’s value chain, all of which are scrutinized in order to achieve the best result for our client.


CODEA Global Advisory provides a complete range of consultancy services, which helps your company get started on outsourcing and secure a successful implementation in connection with identification of the optimal solution, which fits into your company’s value chain and corporate strategy.

CODEA Global Advisory’s consultancy services

  • Analysis – internal, external, local and global
  • Market screening – local and/or global
  • Due diligence – market, enterprises locally and globally
  • Strategy development – goals, models and means
  • Change management – HR, control models, culture
  • Project management – Who, what and how?
  • Implementation and solutions
  • Cultural understanding of new markets and more –business, management and personal levels.

In general we operate with 10 steps to success:

  • Know your primary purpose for outsourcing - ROI, (Return on Investment)
  • Prepare yourself and your organization for outsourcing.
  • Identify a Champion from management who will take command of the project.
  • Identify the actual project management and assign the project roles
  • Select a well-defined pilot project.
  • Map a detailed requirements specification and make sure that the product is fully documented.
  • Establish clear communication channels and policies.
  • Evaluate and modify work processes.
  • Inform the organization of the consequences.
  • Allocate time for the actual process.

Strengthening your value chain and competitiveness

Outsourcing is a strategic decision, which can have a severe impact on your business. Ultimately, outsourcing will change the way, in which the value chain of your business works and operates.

The advantages of outsourcing entirely or sections of your company value chain are plentiful. In the long term it can reduce your costs, strengthen your competitiveness, and at the same time increase your flexibility vis-à-vis the market, and much more.Outsourcing is a lot of things

We also work within Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) where we can help you find collaborative partners for administrative assignments, such as Call-Centers, documentation, manual writing and much more.

By utilizing our global network we are also able to provide Knowledge Process
Outsourcing (KPO), where we can assist in locating development centers with the highest qualifications, researches and engineers for specialized and high-tech research and prototype development.

In other assignments we can help find Joint-Venture partners for development projects, production and sales of your product in a new geographical area. Fundamentally, CODEA Global Advisory is your partner for identifying and implementing the strategic plans for the future, which you might have for your enterprise, and at the same time securing success.