- Enterprise Mobile Analytics

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XTEND is a reporting platform that can produce key business reports and analytics for enterprise management staff on mobile devices. The solution sources data from different enterprise systems to generate key business reports and KPIs for management dashboards. Reports are pushed to authorized mobile devices at pre-determined time intervals or scheduled as an SMS based text summary.

How it Works?
XTEND provides critical inputs for management decision making and operations control. The solution empowers the management team by publishing up-to-date business intelligence reports and sales performance dashboards on mobile devices. The data for the reports can be accessed from existing data warehouse solution and/ or transaction data available in SAP, Oracle, or other data sources.

As a framework based tool, implementing XTEND involves very less programming effort and can help organizations jump start mobile BI initiatives. The XTEND framework is developed using HTML5 technology and works seamlessly across all smartphone/ tablet platforms (iPhone/ iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone).

Solution Benefits
As a mobile based Business Analytics tool, XTEND delivers the following key advantages:

  • Empowers the top management team with actionable BI reports on a daily basis
  • Delivers real time access to the organization KPI’s and decision making on the go
  • Improves decision making by providing advanced data visualization and presentation
  • Streamlines the overall business process with better, faster and accurate business decisions
  • Eliminates the need for and manual data collation and people dependencies