Codea Technologies has proven expertise in executing application development projects using our Software Development Methodology. Our methodology provides a consistent way of executing and delivering projects. It provides uniform terminology and expectations for all stakeholders of the project.

Our methodology coupled with our model, allows clients the flexibility to have the solutions developed and delivered with the highest levels of quality and cost efficiency through offshore development, onsite development or by combination of these components.

Methodology Stages


Our Software Development Methodology not only provides structure, but it also provides guidelines for tailoring alternatives for standard approach, to suit different client requirements and processes. The core strength of our methodology is that after tailoring and blending with client's processes, it is zero learning for the client as processes remain same for them.

The framework of our methodology allows us to adopt a variety of techniques and tools for carrying out the defined tasks. It also allows us to change techniques and/or tools as new products come onto the market without changing the methodology.

By re-utilizing clearly defined processes and tasks, our methodology simplifies the development process. The sequencing of those tasks and the completeness of those deliverables have been previously proven, thereby ensuring clarity and certainty to the process. Our methodology's proven experience ensures that there are no holes to be overlooked or tasks to be duplicated.

Our decision to document our software development methodology stems from the belief that before you can improve a process, you must document it. This document demonstrates that we have a documented process for building software. Our intention is to identify and improve the software development life cycle we use to build software.

It is important to note that our methodology is an evolving methodology that is revised on an ongoing basis. It is not to be considered etched in stone, but is to act as a guideline and is to be used in accordance with the needs of the current project.