Outsourced Product Development

  Build Your Development Team in India

Codea is a fast growing Outsourced Product Development firm and our OPD model is focused on assisting software companies create innovative products for the next generation. Codea realizes that there is a huge market for OPD. A Nasscom-Mckinsey report estimates that globally, the OPD industry is pegged at around $9 billion, growing year-on-year at a rate of 20%. Product companies currently outsource around 25% of product development work but this percentage is expected to grow drastically. Research indicates that one of the main reasons for OPD is cost savings. AMR Research indicates that 57% of companies named labor cost savings and additionally companies saw a 33% improvement in quality after outsourcing.
Codea knows that for a software company the software product or solution is the final thing and the faster they can develop a product, the faster they can add more features to it and they need to do it at a lower cost. Codea works seamlessly as a partner with ISV’s and Software product companies providing them with innovation and reducing their Time-to-Market their products. We have our own time tested Outsourced Product Development methodologies model which integrates cutting edge technology, mature process approach and offshore advantage to give ISV’s & software companies high quality, timeliness, reduces overheads and is value for money. Our OPD model ensures flexibility and certainty to optimize your software development. Codea helps you Stay Ahead through extraordinary collaboration, teamwork, skills, knowledge and enthusiasm.