Engineering Solutions

OHMS- Online Hotel Management Software

Main Features
Quick and easy guest check in / Check out
Group Reservations & Check in
Integrated Guest Database
Powerful Reservations System
Graphical reservation Pad
Real time billing of Telephone calls & Accommodation
Automatic Scheduled Management Reports
Set Wake up calls , Messages
Financial Reports- Invoice, Transaction ,Audits etc
Property Reports- Room status ,Daily house keeping etc
Morning Room List , Forward guest Reservations



Online Booking/Reservation
Group Booking/Reservation
Confirmed/Waitlisted Reservation


Check–in procedure
Guests History
Occupancy Statistics
Other Front Office ActivitiesCashier – Front Office

Check-out and Billing Procedure
Collection and Refunds

Telephone Management

EPABX integration with LAN
Automatic Billing of Room calls
Billing for Administrative Extensions Monitoring of Department Telephone Bill

Inventory & Stores

Multiple Stores
Stock Accounts
Consumption Statement
Re-order facility
Valuation of Stores Handles F & B Stores and Other stores differently

Financial Accounting

Day BooksLedgers and Trial Balance
Statutory reports for taxes
Sales Statistics
Bills Receivable and Payable


Through an Online Catalogue customers can view the dishes , know the ingredients, cost and place orders.

The Banqueting system handles reservations for banquet functions and meetings will all the necessary arrangements and accessories. F&B components can be selected and included for the functions. Contracts, advances and billing in user specific formats are possible.

  1. Function dairy
  2. Lobby banner
  3. Strong & flexible reservation
  4. Detailed retention of customer history for management reporting & analysis
  5. Hall seating arrangements / min / max covers
  6. Intelligent banquet space pickup based on PAX and or seating arrangement\ Customised and predefined menu option
  7. Flexible rate option
  8. Split billing with detailed or consolidate option
  9. Advances and extra charges
  10. Combine more than one banquet for the same event
  11. Multiple search criteria to locate reservation
  12. Booking Banquet Space, F&B and other Accessories
  13. Booking charts and availability screens
  14. Forecasts and menu planning
  15. Menu cards for package rates
  16. Option to charge Hall rent or waive it
  17. Assign Managers and staff to each function
  18. Menu Cards for fixed package options
  19. Letters, contracts


  1. Supports regular, direct & counter sales functioning
  2. Global menu concept
  3. Menu groups / sub group
  4. Option to set up multiple price for same menu at multiple locations
  5. Supports reservation & room service
  6. Instant KOT options in a single key stroke
  7. Void / amend / transfer KOT
  8. Search KOT
  9. N.C. KOT costing
  10. Remote kitchen printing
  11. Food Costing
  12. Cost and Sales budgets
  13. Stock maintenance at the Bar / Kitchen
  14. Daily, weekly or monthly stock entry and variation reports


  1. Flexible settlement methods
  2. Supports direct billing
  3. Split and transfer bills
  4. Item based split billing
  5. Modify / void bills
  6. Multiple tax structure
  7. Customized discount structures


  1. Sales day book / collection summary
  2. Settlement summary
  3. Income head wise sales
  4. Tax collection
  5. Bill / cashier summary
  6. NC kot detail
  7. Cash shift details
  8. User management
  9. Order taking devices
  10. Interfaces to Touch Screens, POS Terminals etc.

Some of important POS reports:

  1. Sales Daybook - user defined report
  2. Settlement summaries by cashier
  3. Tax related reports
  4. Popularity analysis report
  5. Open-item sales report
  6. In house consumption by department, group and date wise
  7. Table and steward wise summary
  8. Discount register and summary
  9. Tips settlement summary etc.
  10. Multi Restaurant order/billing operation using a common station
  11. Single Key (hot keys) for Billing frequently used menu items
  12. Direct Bill option for Room Service
  13. Guest attributes like VIP/ Complimentary; Likes/Dislikes display while Guest Room Service order screen operates
  14. Splitting of quantity during Billing
  15. Splitting of Bills during Bill print
  16. Attributing category wise discounts at Bill level
  17. Linking Multiple Tables for a consolidate Bill
  18. Direct postings to - Front Office Folios / A/R Accounts / Staff Accounts
  19. User defined Bill print formats for different outlets
  20. User defined Sales Reports
  21. Modifiers and remote printers of KOT / NCKOT
  22. Table Transfers/Session Transfers
  23. KOT Audit
  24. Multiple grouping of Menu Items
  25. Points of Sale Guest History
  26. Selective Bill print option on Split Bills
  27. Auto initialization of Bill numbers as per user request
  28. Interfaced to F & B Costing modules
  29. Flexibility in attributing unique taxes to specific restaurants
  30. User - defined text printing on bill
  31. Statistical and Analytical reports

Other features of the F&B Costing module include

  1. Inter kitchen transfers (issued to one kitchen but used by another)
  2. Inter cost transfers (between food to beverage)
  3. Item transfers (converting an item from one state to another)
  4. Standard v/s Actual consumption
  5. Cost and Sales budgets
  6. Stock maintenance at the Bar / Kitchen
  7. Daily, weekly or monthly stock entry and variation reports


The housekeeping module caters to the managing of rooms – cleaning and out of order rooms, tracking discrepancies in room status etc. A Laundry billing sub module allows billing guest laundry directly to the rooms as well as controlling laundry rates.

  1. Guest laundry
  2. Hotel laundry
  3. Material receipt notes
  4. Extra bed delivery note
  5. Extra linen bill
  6. Staff uniform laundry challan
  7. Guest laundry order
  8. Guest laundry bill
  9. Credit notes - laundry dues
  10. Stock position in stores
  11. Linen in rooms
  12. Stock position with laundries
  13. Stock position in pantries
  14. Stock position at service locations
  15. Schedule of material receipt notes
  16. Daily stock
  17. Suppiles
  18. Bills
  19. Collection