- Product Cataloguing

custom software development

The e-Catalogue framework is a mobile/ tablet based solution to search and browse electronic product catalogues grouped into product categories. The solution replaces paper based catalogues and enhances the overall effectiveness with images and videos. The solution is tailored for use by enterprise field staff (sales personnel, retailers, etc.), using which product information can be quickly accessed from mobile devices using a simple and easy to use application.

Product catalogues are arranged into categories as per business needs and the user will be able to easily browse and search through relevant products. Individual products can contain detailed description as well as images and videos to provide a near real life experience to the end user. User access to the e-Catalogue application is secured and when the client is installed and accessed for the first time, the entire catalogue is downloaded on to the mobile device. Each time the application is logged in, it checks for any new updates and downloads the content.

Using a web based Catalogue Configuration tool, an administrative user can create and manage e-Catalogues. Catalogues can be grouped into categories and sub-categories and can contain detailed product information with images and videos. The administrative user can also manage user access to the tablet based e-Catalogue application through the Catalogue Configuration tool.