Shipping Lines

Codeatech is developing a solution framework under the name of X-Ship, which has a host of unique features not available in ordinary shipping liner application or shipping fleet management system. The framework will enable shipping lines to manage every aspect of the liner or non liner trade and associated vessels. Codeatech provides a fine blend of standard product features and flexible custom built add-ons to suit specific or niche requirements.

Codeatech’s expertise in the shipping liner and fleet management domain for shipping lines, feeder & barge operators cover a multitude of aspects including:

  • Cargo bookings
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Route Optmization
  • Equipment optimization and repositioning
  • Slot management
  • Forwarding and transport planning,
  • Vendor management
  • Crew management
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Voyage management
  • Vessel disbursement

Codeatech provides fleet management systems, integrated cargo control and common IT platforms to facilitate inter-operability between shipping partners and between different modes of transport operators. These solutions are especially designed to have efficient and transparent workflows between departments, consortium members, and third party vendors

The framework and solutions sets are suitable for feeder and barge operators too even though the scale of business is different. Naturally the solutions handle EDI messages (EDIFACT and XML), emails and SMS messages, while notifications and alerts ensure quality control of agreed work flows. The management dashboard provides instant information to generate user configurable reports.

Codeatech provides state of the art enterprise application and bespoke solutions for shipping lines, shipping agencies, feeders and barge operators. Owing to its expertise in mobile technologies Codeatech can develop specific business applications or solutions for mobile and hand held devices. All our solutions enable customers to plan, optimize, monitor and control their business via new-generation technology and latest business thinking.

Codeatech strives to establish long-term and collaborative relationships with customers in order to formulate tailor made solutions, which are future proof. Experion can be your business partner due to our relentless focus on delivering unparalleled excellence: our passion is to perform and to bring true value.