- Survey Management

custom software development

FieldMax Survey framework is a mobile/ tablet based solution to administer custom surveys to a selected target user group. The solution can be effectively used to automate surveys, quizzes, customer feedback and questionnaire based promotional campaigns.

Survey participants can access the surveys through the FieldMax Survey mobile application and provide responses to the questionnaire. Upon completing the survey, the responses are sent to the back end application, from which the survey results can be tabulated for further analysis and reporting. In case Internet connectivity is limited at the time of completion of the survey, the information will be stored locally and then synced with the server when the connectivity is restored.

The framework includes a web based backend application, which helps an administrator to set survey questionnaires and administer it to target users. Multiple surveys can be created from the backend and survey questions can include different types of questions including single choice, multiple choice, ranking/ scale, text, etc.