WebSphere Consulting Services

Codea WebSphere Consulting services help you support your infrastructure and maximize business efficiencies:

  • Get your software solution up and running quickly with limited-scope installation, configuration, skills transfer, and proof-of-concept engagements.
  • Gain access to Codea’s deep technical and product skills.
  • Minimize risk by exploiting best practices, repeatable processes, and proven experience.
  • Speed your time to market, while decreasing your solution's time to value.
  • Get a detailed report with recommendations specific to your business.

Your company has invested in WebSphere ® software from IBM to run critical business processes. Now, you have new business challenges that need attention. You want to be sure your applications can grow with your business. You want to stay ahead of the Java™ technology curve. You also need to speed time to value to boost your return on investment (ROI) for your recent technology purchases.

Essentially, you want to learn more about how WebSphere software can support your infrastructure and help you address the bumps in your path toward becoming an on demand business.

Assess your application needs To maximize the value of your software solutions, applications need to be modernized over time. Codea’s WebSphere consultants through our WebSphere Consulting Services can review your software solutions to show you how you can stay ahead of the technology curve. Based on the information you provide, Codea’s WebSphere consultants evaluate your application infrastructure to determine how your applications can best exploit open industry standards.

The team can also help you use WebSphere tools as efficiently as possible, show you how to grow your software solutions to meet your evolving business needs, provide mentoring for best practices, and brief you about the latest WebSphere technologies and tools. You receive a detailed report that outlines a set of concrete, viable recommendations for your business.

Get your WebSphere software projects up and running quickly

Your ability to effectively integrate applications across and beyond your organization can drive your business success. By connecting business-critical people, partners, processes and applications through a common infrastructure, you can maximize operating efficiencies.

Respond rapidly to business events and shorten new process cycle times at lower costs by reusing existing processes and applications and other IT assets. Easily add new packaged applications and systems to your environment without disrupting existing business processes.

Codea’s WebSphere Consulting Services

helps you quickly get your WebSphere project on the right track by establishing prerequisites, installing the appropriate WebSphere software and helping to ensure that your test and WebSphere development environments are ready for deployment. You can also take advantage of Codea’s WebSphere Consulting Services expertise to create and implement a simple business process. You can then leverage this knowledge to plan and design a broader set of processes for your business.

Exploit open-standards-based capabilities

Like most businesses, your organization has probably created architectures over the past few decades based on silos of applications and resources designed to solve individual business problems. Besides creating and maintaining these disparate assets, you’re dealing with an increasingly complex architecture that forces you to sink significant resources into maintenance rather than new project development. And there’s probably little, if any, standardization and commonality across your applications and systems. Continuing to operate within this environment can hinder your organization’s ability to compete effectively in today’s marketplace.

Open standards give you flexibility to change or modify your technology as your business strategies evolve, and to better integrate your existing or disparate systems, whether inherited or purchased.

Codea’s WebSphere Consulting Services can help set you on the fast track to open-standards adoption by helping you critically evaluate your current infrastructure. It can also help you educate your team about the advanced features of WebSphere technology, and provide hands-on workshops to quickly get the solution set up and example services running.

A sound investment

You need the right skills and experience to build on demand business solutions. As part of this process, you must leverage your most valuable asset—your people. Codea’s WebSphere Consulting Services for WebSphere has a proven approach to help assess your staff’s on demand business services and support needs. By combining the intellectual capital of your people with the critical technical skills from Codea’s WebSphere consultants, you can create a team that understands the complexities of the technology that runs your business.

Codea’s WebSphere consultants can help you identify skill gaps and recommend the right training—from classroom-based learning and hands-on custom workshops to self-study courses, skills transfer and mentoring. Whatever your needs, you can rely on the deep, technical skills of our WebSphere Consultants to help you succeed.