Offshore WebSphere Outsourcing Services

Partner with Codea’s WebSphere team and benefit from a wealth of engagement experience and technical expertise to deliver the best e-business solutions to your customers at fraction of the cost.

Outsourcing Websphere development to Codea’s allows you to focus on your core business and gives you access to thousands of WebSphere experts around the world. Outsourcing can provide a smooth, predictable funding model for Websphere upgrades, expansions and consolidations. With service levels for availability, stability and functionality, Codea’s manages Websphere day-to-day complexity and reduces the need to re-skill your team with new WebSphere enhancements. 
For IBM Business Partners Codea’s offshore WebSphere outsourcing services offers a partnership where you own the customer relationship and we provide technical expertise in support of your engagement:

  • Teaming to deliver the right skills at the right time at the right cost. Include Software Services for WebSphere early in the engagement cycle and benefit from architecture & design assistance and mentoring. We provide a broad range of services spanning from the beginning of a project lifecycle and pre-sales assistance to the ultimate, successful production deployment.

  • Skills transfer is part of everything we do. Codea’s offshore WebSphere outsourcing services can expand your staff's capabilities and expertise, even while on a customer engagement. By having an experienced Codea’s WebSphere consultant as part of your team, you benefit from on-the-job product training, problem resolution advice, and best practices expertise. You also gain access to the deep technical capabilities of Codea’s product development labs.

  • Win-Win Partnership. The end result is a successful IBM Software implementation, increased customer satisfaction and an improved services delivery ability and capacity.

To compete effectively in today’s marketplace, you must review your application environment over time and identify where to perform process changes to help you improve your current business operations.
Working with a team of experts with the deep, technical skills required to help you maximize the value of your software solution can be an important first step toward becoming an on demand business.

Let us help you help your customer to be successful with WebSphere solutions! Choose the outsourcing model that best meets your needs. 

We package our Offshore WebSphere outsourcing services in flexible, contracts with structured service-level agreements and governance. Contracts are available in two ways:

  • Factory-based model letting you choose from a set of pre-defined service-level agreements and allows dial-up and dial-down capability
  • Custom model allowing service level agreements to be tailored to meet specific needs

Whichever scenario works best for your organization, when you choose to outsource your Websphere environment to Codea, you can count on better business outcomes that deliver flexibility, lower costs and better decision-making—with no surprises.
To give you a sample of our services capabilities, we can:

  • Help you build your offshore SOA Center of Competence/Excellence
  • Deliver SOA strategy workshops and solution design assistance
  • Provide expertise for Proofs of Concept to respond to complex customer requirements
  • Review your solution architecture and design
  • Provide migration assistance: Software versions or total solutions
  • Provide installation and configuration workshops
  • Enhance your testing best practices and performance best practices knowledge
  • Provide software stack validation and testing
  • Provide porting recommendations

To find out more about our WebSphere services capabilities browse through our available services.

Where to start

It's essential to form the right teaming relationships in order to grow your business and capture new opportunities. An investment in building skills on IBM platforms provides a long-term competitive advantage, and holds the potential for increased transformation and integration opportunities. We want to help you put together the education and mentoring to realize that advantage.