Wireless Solutions

Leveraging our experience in Engineering Services and R&D capabilities in embedded systems, Codeatech provides a host of engineering solutions for various niche domains. Our solutions include products and services catering to a wide range of areas such as process tracking, remote monitoring, image processing, SCADA/ DCS programming and embedded systems development.


X-Track is a business reflex tool devised by Experion to enable remote monitoring of industrial parameters (temperature, voltage, humidity, etc.) in hazardous and inaccessible environments. Codeatech today has a portfolio of customers who have been benefited in terms of quality, safety and productivity by implementing X-Track based solutions. X-Track has a wide range of applications in multiple industries. In addition, it can facilitate accreditation and regulatory compliance.


X-Care is hardware/ embedded software tool developed by Codeatech to ensure high levels of service in the healthcare sector. For instance, it ensures quick response times of hospital staff to patient needs. X-Care provides a powerful analytical tool for hospital management to define, track and manage service levels. Experion has also developed a customized version of X-Care to ensure customer service levels in the hospitality industry and is currently exploring deployment in other service industries.

Ximager – Integrated Image processing environment

Ximager is an image processing tool that finds application in a wide range of scenarios from medical imaging, machine vision, pattern matching, optical character recognition, spray analysis and computer vision. X-imager has a host of robust image operations algorithms like segmentation, enhancement, restoration, image arithmetic and image data mining and intuitive analysis tools for robust validation.